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Fix Your Crack technicians take our time to complete your premium technology repairs every time, its simple science. Rush a job and the quality drops. Our premium service include some helpful extras we see as essential to a good repair. We do not compromise out ethos to compete with cheap and fast, quality repairs every time guaranteed.

We offer a range of part qualities. Premium original where available is our first choice. Highest quality non original replacements are our second choice and third choice is best value and quality combo replacement parts still chosen carefully from the multitude of options, there are still many lower quality parts available elsewhere. No question we get what we pay for in todays world, still we understand peoples different situations and reasons for repair so do our best to cater for most of you.

We clean your buttons. Dust and skin cell build up around buttons. Part of out standard service is to remove buildup and clean this for you. Results are smoother function of buttons and that fresh feel you get when you open a new thing… We also clean dust, sand and anything else we find from the inside of your device and its frame. A clean frame is important as bits of broken glass can add extra tension to a section of a screen increasing chance of breakage from impact or bending. We prefer you to tell your friends about us and not have to bring your phone back for another smash repair like most other repairers do.

Protection is a worthy investment and will greatly reduce your chance of further breakage, TUFF by Neon is a world leading brand of screen protector preferred by us for quality. They also have a Neon Pulse range which adds radiation harmonisation by treating the protector with a process that enables it to release negative ions that cancel out the positive radiation ions released by mobile phones and other technology. Add a good cover, one that covers all screen edges like metal bumpers which also retain the look and feel of your nice looking phone. We also suggest you open your new phones here and protect them immediately!

Our product warranties either match our suppliers warranty or extend beyond their offer if we believe the part quality should be covered for a longer period or consumer law implies a longer period. We also offer a three month warranty on our labour. If we find issues from previous repairs we will advise you of what we find, previous damage is not covered.

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