Why join Smart Choice Tech Repairs ?

Smart Choice Tech Repairs is part of Leading Edge Group, an Australian owned Support Group for independent businesses.

We offer you support & credibility through nationally negotiated supplier agreements, credit terms through central billing, marketing programs, and training & accreditation programs, whilst assisting participants to grow their sales and profitability, and offering participation in nationally negotiated repair contracts.

Are you Technical and have a passion for technology? Are you skilled up or want to be skilled up in mobile device repairs?

Leading Edge Group is an Australian owned Buying and Support Group with over 950 independently owned and operated businesses across Australia enjoying the benefits that the group offers.

In Late 2015, Leading Edge Group launched a new group called Smart Choice Tech Repairs (SCTR). This new group is designed specifically for the mobile phone and mobile device repair industry with a view to creating an Australia wide network of “Industry Best” independent mobile repair businesses. SCTR is all about giving you the advantage over your competition with access to a range of benefits such as:

  • Access to our preferred accreditation partner Cellular Repair School and certification partner iFixit.

  • Access for accredited/certified businesses to participate in National/Corporate service contracts when available.

  • A Central Billing Account which offers you credit terms of 30 days EOM when you opt to purchase from one of our preferred suppliers.

  • Negotiated trading terms with all of our preferred suppliers including:
    Nationally Negotiated Pricing

    Warranty Arrangements
    Negotiated Minimum Order Values
    FIS Freight
    Return Freight PolicieS

Access to the Leading Edge Group benefits programme which has offers from business insurance to EFTPOS and Merchant card rates. All in all, there are over 40 different offers you can get through our system which are designed to save your business money.

We are looking for independent businesses who can service the ever growing industry of mobile device repairs across Australia.
You don’t need to have a bricks and mortar business either. We know there are plenty of
businesses servicing their local communities in other ways.

So if you are interested in becoming part of a growing network of certified & accredited mobile repair business then please contact us today so we can send you out an information pack and give you more details about the group.