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3G Mobile Repair Centre - Kellyville

We fix all things phones! 

From screens to IC's

Vodafone contracts to NBN

We also have a huge range of accessories in store.

We fix the phones the others can't. 

We are a family owned business who really care about the service we give, we strive to find the best quality suppliers for our repairs and back it up with top quality accessories to match. If we don't have it, we will try to get it for you. It’s hard to compare prices with so many different quality parts, we will help you work out the maze of prices and find the best fix for you.

Please shop local and give us a go.



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TRADING HOURS: MON: 09:30 AM– 05:00 PM
TUE: 09:30 AM– 05:00 PM
WED: 09:30 AM– 05:00 PM
THU: 09:30 AM– 05:00 PM
FRI: 09:30 AM– 05:00 PM
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3G Mobile Repair Centre
Vodafone IDC
Kellyville Village
90 Wrights Rd
Kellyville NSW 2155