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Warrnambool Mobile Repair (Phones & Photos)

Did you just drop your phone again? Yeah? Don’t worry about it, we’ve got your back. And yeah, we can totally fix the iPad (or Samsung) you dropped on your way to get your phone fixed.

We are "Warrnambool Mobile Repair" the mobile-fixing hand of the 28-year-old Owen’s Camera Centre—and there isn’t much that you can do to your device that we can’t fix.

Having to repair your phone is a hassle. That’s why we’ve expanded to provide quick and superior service.

We understand that your mobile is your life (don’t lie), so we know it’s hard to part with it for long. That’s why we offer same-day servicing. 
“But if you work so fast, how do I know you’re providing quality repairs?” ~ You
Because, unlike many of our competitors, we won’t leave loose screws, and we don’t use super-glue.

But words are just that, right? If you’re not satisfied, bring your phone back within a week and we’ll repair it again for free.

If you’re familiar with Owen’s, you’ll be happy to hear that the same group will be serving you!

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